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2021 Cruze Culture Calendar

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ESR Wheels CS12

ESR Wheels CS12

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Our brand new Carbon fiber covers!

16-19 Chevrolet Cruze Sedan Carbon Fiber Window/Vent Covers Package

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California Cruzes

The Beginning

Where it all started, Southern California. A small Cruze club that welcomed anyone and would have a few meets throughout the year.

California Cruzes


The club begins to grow and we begin to hold more meets. In the process we start our Instagram page, begin to offer merchandise, create chapters, and meet amazing people both in person and online!

Start of something new

Birth of Cruze Culture

2017 was a great year for California Cruzes and brought the birth of Cruze Culture in early November. From there, everything changed and began to grow fast!

Cruze Culture

New Frontier

Something we never imagined doing, offering car parts for the community. We began to work endlessly to bring the community a one stop Cruze shop. Striving everyday to offer value and quality to the Cruze community.