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16-19 Chevrolet Cruze Vented Engine Cover with Cruze Culture Cutout

$200 $230

We only have 2 engine covers left.

We are super excited to announce our very own series of Engine Covers for the 2nd Gen!

  • You will need to remove the OEM engine cover first. Begin by removing the oil cap and remove the one screw holding down the OEM engine cover.
  • Then it will reveal the three standoffs where you will mount the Cruze Culture engine cover onto.
  • Place the aluminum washer with the rubber backing, then the spacer, then the engine cover, and then the washer with the bolt.
  • Then tighten it down and put the oil cap back on.
  • Cruzes with the OEM or GM Performance intake will have a flat bend.
  • Cruzes with either a AEM or K&N intake and will have a notch in the left corner of the bend for the hosing to run through.
  • 1 Vented Engine Cover with Cruze Culture Cutout.
  • 3 1 1/2" Aluminum Unthreaded Spacers.
  • 3 M6x1mm Stainless Steel Button Head Hex Drive Screws.
  • 3 Aluminum Washers with Neoprene Rubber Sealing.
  • Made in the USA here at Cruze Culture!
  • Semi Gloss White ($40)

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