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16-19 Chevrolet Cruze Vented Engine Cover with CC Cutout


We are super excited to announce our very own series of Engine Covers for the 2nd Gen! All made here at Cruze Culture in house!

The fitment, quality, and finish of the covers are perfectly designed and cut.

We are offering three version to begin with, this version has vents cut out on top and CC cutout on the angled bend.

  • You will need to remove the OEM engine cover first. Begin by removing the oil cap and remove the one screw holding down the OEM engine cover.
  • Then it will reveal the three standoffs where you will mount the Cruze Culture engine cover onto.
  • Place the aluminum washer with the rubber backing, then the spacer, then the engine cover, and then the washer with the bolt.
  • Then tighten it down and put the oil cap back on.
  • Cruzes with the OEM or GM Performance intake will have a flat bend.
  • Cruzes with either a AEM or K&N intake and will have a notch in the left corner of the bend for the hosing to run through.
  • 1 Vented Engine Cover with CC Cutout.
  • 3 1 1/2" Aluminum Unthreaded Spacers.
  • 3 M6x1mm Stainless Steel Button Head Hex Drive Screws.
  • 3 Aluminum Washers with Neoprene Rubber Sealing.
  • Made in the USA here at Cruze Culture!
  • Raw Aluminum
  • Matte Black ($40)
  • Gloss Red ($40)
  • Semi Gloss White ($60)
Letter Backing Add-On:
  • None
  • Raw Aluminum ($5)
  • Matte Black ($15)
  • Gloss Black ($15)
  • Gloss Red ($15)
  • Carbon Fiber ($20)
  • Semi Gloss White ($20)
Lead Time:
  • 7-14 Business Days Build Time for Raw Finish
  • 14-21 Business Days Build Time for Powder Coated/Carbon options

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