Cruze Culture

16-19 Chevrolet Cruze Carbon Fiber 3 Piece Engine Bay Kit


The CC logo has red vinyl under it to make it stand out in pictures but it will not come like that, simply like that for display purposes. The CC logo is cut out of the radiator cover.

  • 3 piece kit includes left, center, and right engine bay pieces.
  • Real Carbon Fiber 2X2 Twill Weave w/ Gel Coat.
  • Made in the USA.
Radiator Cover Installation:
  • 3M "VHB" Very High Bond double-sided tape is recommended and not supplied.

  • Prep the surface prior by using rubbing alcohol to clean the plastic trim.
  • Apply 3M tape to the back of the radiator cover.
  • Then place the radiator cover on the car and then apply ample pressure for the cover to stick to the plastic trim.
Side Pieces Installation:
  • The driver/passenger side pieces do not need 3M tape.
  • Unloosen the bump stops and remove them.
  • Place the side pieces in their correct locations.
  • Then put back the bump stops on to secure the side pieces.
Lead Time:
  • 20-28 Business Day Build Time

Returns or Defects:
  • No refunds.
  • There can be minor defects or imperfections with the material from the cutting process.
  • If there is defect that is not within spec then reach out to us and we can figure out a solution to exchange if it has not been mounted, once mounted or modified we will not exchange.
  • The buyer pays for the return shipping charge.

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