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16-19 Chevrolet Cruze BNR Tune 1.4T LE2


BNR proudly presents our custom tuning solution for the 2nd Generation Chevrolet Cruze Turbo. Specific gains over the factory tune are 63HP and 92TQ. Maximum peak gains on premium fuel and no additional parts are 57HP and 80TQ! As usual BNR tunes are 100% custom to each vehicle, and retuning for bolt-on modifications and fueling included at no additional cost.

A BNR linked EFILive Autocal OR HPTuners RTD is REQUIRED with our tuning. 

If you already have a BNR linked Autocal, there is a $125 software licensing fee.  The handheld can hold up to 5 tunes at once and swap tunes in under 30 seconds, no laptop needed! You also get full access to EFILive's logging software to view your own data logs using line graphs, tables, and even digital gauges to play back your log.

If you already have a BNR linked HPTuners RTD there is a $200 cost for credits (licensing) to allow it to work with your vehicle. This option also requires a windows laptop, however the logging interface is much more robust for the end user. 

*You will need a Windows computer to download the tuning software and to send/recieve files to load to the handheld. Software is NOT compatible with Apple operating systems or tablets running Windows RT.

BNR 2nd Gen Cruze Tune Engine Calibration Features:
  • +63HP +92TQ under the curve (~3500-4000RPM)
  • +57HP +80TQ Peak vs. Peak
  • Premium fuel recommended for high power, high boost tuning. Low octane fuel tuning is available if desired. Low octane tunes of +21HP +40TQ available upon request.
  • Improved throttle response and feel. The throttle has been completely remapped to feel more linear and deliver power when you want it! It no longer feels "laggy" or dull.
  • All GM OEM Emissions and Safety functionality are retained. Vehicle will remain emissions compliant.
  • Knock detection and catalytic/turbocharger over temperature protections/enrichment remain unchanged.
BNR Tunes are fully compatible with both Automatic AND Manual Transmission Cruzes but if you have an automatic, you can expect the transmission to be improved dramatically!

BNR 2nd Gen Cruze Tune Automatic Transmission Calibration Features:
  • Faster, firmer shifting. Shifts will execute much quicker than stock.
  • Improvements to shift logic/shift points for power delivery optimization.
  • Torque limiters adjusted to ensure consistent power delivery.
  • Auto Stop can be removed if requested.
  • All GM Diagnostics remain unchanged.

Additional Notes: 2017 and newer model year requires an additional key/seed process, and so are $50 additional cost.

Please email us at the following info after placing your order:
  • VIN
  • Modifications
  • Tune Requests

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