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11-16 Chevrolet Cruze Limited Clutch Accumulator Bypass



Greatly alleviates 1-2 shift grind, improves clutch pedal feel, and greatly improves shift smoothness. 

Technical Details: The clutch on the 2011-2016 Limited Cruze uses two components to soften shifts and protect the drivetrain from beginners. First is the CDV (clutch delay valve, technically a restrictor), which limits clutch fluid flow. This is done to limit the speed of clutch engagement if you slip your foot off the clutch. The second is the clutch accumulator, which is added eliminate the spongy feel of a restrictor-style CDV and simulate a normal clutch feel. The accumulator absorbs excess clutch pressure that cannot flow through the CDV. 

Removing the CDV improves clutch pedal feel, but rapid clutch pressure during fast shifting still gets absorbed by the accumulator, which delays clutch release from the flywheel, which results in shift stiffness and shift grinding, especially for the 1-2 shift. This modification was developed in conjunction with Titan Synthetics and bypasses the accumulator. 

The end result is improved, linear clutch pedal feel and vastly improved shift smoothness during rapid shifting. This mod greatly alleviates the 1-2 shift grind by addressing the root cause.

Note: The CDV will need to be removed as part of this install. Instructions for CDV removal here:

Disclaimer: BNR is not repsonsible for any damage to your vehicle as a result of installing this mod. This mod will allow much more rapid clutch engagement during launches or shifs, which can cause drivetrain shock if you slip your foot off the clutch.

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