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11-16 Chevrolet Cruze BNR GTX250 1.4T Turbocharger Kit


NOTE: Designed and tested with BNR Tuning. Other tuning may or may not be compatible or achieve the same results. All results published are with BNR tuning and other BNR parts. These turbochargers are built to order, current turn around time is estimated at 6 weeks due to a shortage of GM factory turbochargers. This should be resolved the week of 04/22, at which point turnaround time will be 2-3 weeks for turbos with options, and just a few days for no options.

The GTX250 turbocharger is designed to deliver 250HP. Supporting over 27 pounds per minute of airflow, this turbocharger is the ultimate stock replacement.

Building on the already race-proven foundation of the GTX14, the GTX250 features a redesigned, extended tip, billet CNC machined compressor wheel. Other turbochargers on the market utilize a cast compressor wheel of similar size, but lack the extended tip and blade design we can achieve by using a CNC made wheel. This means they flow less overall volume at the same wheel speed (200,000+RPM) than our extended tip does. Extended tip compressor wheels are rated at average more than 10 % better flow vs. the standard wheels of identical inlet diameter. Additionally, cast wheels can have air pockets that weaken the blades, vs. our billet wheel being made of a solid piece of aluminum, which is far more durable.

After upgrading the compressor wheel, we upgraded the turbine wheel. This has been the major hold up in creating more power from a stock frame turbocharger, and it's finally an obstacle that has been overcome. 

A direct swap with your factory unit, this turbocharger can be installed quickly and without expensive custom piping. 

Larger injectors are required with this turbocharger.

Kit includes:
  • 1 GTX250 Turbocharger
  • Brand new OEM GM Turbo
  • GTX250 Extended Tip Billet Compressor Wheel Installed
  • Larger Turbine Wheel
  • Laser Balanced to 230,000RPM

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