The CC Team is a small group of us. We've teamed up and want to make Cruze Culture / California Cruzes the best possible group it can be. By no means is this meant to make anyone feel secluded. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our group but the Team is the foundation of the group. The Team is going to be at every meet this year and we want you guys to get to know us!  So without further ado, meet the team!

Daniel Parra, Owner of Cruze Culture and California Cruzes, @clean_cruze

I've had my Cruze since August of 2011 and originally had no plans of doing anything to the car. It was just supposed to be my daily to high school and then college later on. I wasn't even into the car scene until I decided to look online and then I found the CruzeTalk forum. Soon after I started to get ideas and started off with the basic cheap "mods" which were plastidip and window tint. The first major mod was upgrading wheels and then 3 years later I've gone through 4 different sets of wheels. It's been a great and challenging journey throughout this cars transformation and my own. I've experienced a lot of fun, stressful, and frustrating times, yet in the end I really enjoy and love this car. I've invested a lot of time, money, and effort into this car and the group but I'm most thankful for the friends and relationships I've made and now I can genuinely call them my family.

Kiran Arter, VP of Cruze Culture and California Cruzes @stormtrooper_cruze

Hello my name is Kiran Arter and I’m Vice President Of Cruze Culture, and California Cruzes. I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze LTZ RS, aka StormTrooper Cruze. I got the Cruze as a daily for work (good on gas), but as I did more research on the car I could make it to where I could make it my own! StormTrooper has been through so many different changes but at the end I love how StormTrooper looks. My first California Cruzes Meet was summer of July 2015 and since then I’ve met great friends and that developed into family with the CC Team. But I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the up-and-coming Cruze Culture and continuing success of California Cruzes.

Bre Sanabria, Co-Owner of Cruze Ladies, @qeenbre

Hello, I'm Bre and NightFury is my 2016 Chevy Cruze. I named him Night Fury because originally I saw it as a useless car...kinda like the useless dragon in How to Train Your Dragon. Fortunately, that wasn't the case. My car is far from useless and I travel everywhere in him. What I thought would be a boring daily car turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me. This car allowed me to gain a family or a Cruze family I should say. I have done many small details and now working on the larger Mods. Not sure what's in store for this car because it's always changing, but I know one thing it will be different!

Isabel Jones, Co-Owner of Cruze Ladies, @hulk_smash_cruze

Hey everyone my name is Isabel and I have the honor of being one of the admins of Cruze Ladies!! Along with one of my best friends, we are dedicated to empower our Ladies in our love and passion for our cars!! Cruze Ladies is dedicated to all of you and I can’t say enough how blessed I am to be a part of the CC and CL team!

Karina Turner, @tiimmyturnerxotwod

The first time I ever saw a cruze I fell in love with it. I really didn’t know much about it since I hadn't seen a lot around but I knew I wanted to get one. I wasn’t even into cars before and much less think that people would fix up these cars. I came across California Cruzes on instagram and thought it was pretty cool. It wasn't until my second purchase where I actually felt part of the group. It’s amazing how owning this car made me meet new people with the same passion. We drive around 3 hours to go to the meets but it’s always a great time being with these amazing people and their cars! So grateful for such beautiful family!

Carly Rauls, @carlylama

After months of research, I bought my Cruze on May 31, 2012. Like Daniel , I discovered CruzeTalk not too long after I purchased my car. My first couple of mods included tint, debadging, and plastidipping the emblems. Since then, I've done a few bigger things. My Cruze is Trifecta Tuned, lowered on H&R Springs, and I upgraded to the LTZ wheels. Lucian is perfect the way he is! I have always loved cars, but I contribute my love of modding to my best friend, boyfriend, and guardian angel, Devin Lycett. Without him, I never would have met my CC Family. This club is truly a family. I look forward to what the future hold for California Cruzes and Cruze Culture. #stopsuicide