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Who We Are

As Cruze Culture is growing, we would like to keep spreading the love for our cars in order to bring more people together to share our stories and passions! Meeting others through something we all love to do is exactly the way to find true friends!

Our Mission

This chapter was created in 2017 and we would like to attend meets outside of Colorado so we can be closer with other members within Cruze Culture! 

Meet the President

Alex Ishee @alex_ishee23

I have owned my 2013 Cruze since 2015 and ever since I got the car, I saw the potential for upgrades and modding that would really bring out what I wanted for it. Seeing others like Daniel’s silver bagged Cruze really showed me I could take my Cruze to the next level! I wanted to take the lead for the Colorado chapter because there isn’t anyone else out here who gets the Cruze community together! Seeing the way California Cruzes and now Cruze Culture, is growing I wanted to be a part of something special like that!