Cruze Culture is made up of 31 chapters throughout the world, mainly in the USA, one in Canada, the Philippines, Brasil, Chile, and India.

There is no cost or membership to be apart of Cruze Culture. All we ask for is your kindness, loyalty, and support in helping the Cruze community grow and come together.

Our mission has and will always be to bring together the Cruze community and we are proud to continue to do that every year.

We have chapters and many of them host monthly meets. We don't expect our members to show up to every meet and will never make anyone feel bad if they cannot attend. We understand everyone has lives and obligations. Come and support when you can, the CC Family will always be there for you whenever you can attend one of our chapter's meets.

Our future goal is to have many more Cruze Culture meets throughout the USA for 2019 and host meets in cities and states we've never been to before.

Join us for 2019's meets and never feel like you need to have a heavily modified Cruze to fit in, stock or lightly modified Cruzes are just as welcome. We just want you to come and experience what Cruze Culture has to offer and that is a family.