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Who We Are

Founded in May 2017, Carolina Cruzes has been about bringing together North and South Carolina members as family and friends.

Our Mission

To grow and be known by all Cruze owners in the Carolina's. Once we find when everyone has time off we will be hosting local meets starting near Greensboro, NC area and moving to SC as we find someone to take over that spot. Stay tuned!

Meet the President

Corey Crawford

I bought my 2015 Rain Forest Green Cruze by accident, I went to the dealer to actually look at the newest dodge dart, but sadly something didn't work out with that and I ended up with this oddly colored green Cruze. At first I was planning on keeping it stock like most people but that didn't work out for too long. After only a week later I blacked out all my interior trim, the wheels, and then straight piped the exhaust all the way, no cats or..... Anything (I wouldn't recommend it without a tune Lol) but the longer I have my car the more the ugly green begins to grow on me.