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16-19 Chevrolet Cruze Sedan Cruze Culture Rear Spoiler

$210 $245

We finally have a rear spoiler for the 2nd Gen Sedan!

Specifications: Includes one rear spoiler and wiring for the third brake light.

Material: High quality and durable plastic.

Construction: 1 piece spoiler.
Finish: Painted gloss black.

PLEASE NOTE: The spoiler's have paint imperfections from the manufacturer and so we are giving $35 off of each spoiler. The wickerbill's will have no powdercoat imperfections.

You can pair this spoiler with our all new wickerbill as well!

We will have a few options so you can order the spoiler, wickerbill, smoked acrylic center all together and we can pre-drill and rivet the 6 rivet nuts into the spoiler so all you have to do when you receive your order is simply screw on the wickerbill to your spoiler!

  • Spoiler Alone - $210
  • Spoiler + Gloss Black Wickerbill - $375
  • Spoiler + Gloss Black Wickerbill + Pre-Drilling - $405
  • Spoiler + Gloss Black Wickerbill + Smoked Acrylic Center - $405
  • Spoiler + Gloss Black Wickerbill + Smoked Acrylic Center + Pre-Drilling - $435

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